Orchid Flasks

With the approaching warmer weather we have recieved a shipment of orchid flasks for our nursery. There is a large variet and we have some excess flasks that we do not require. Therefore we have put these flasks up for sale on the site, these are great quality flasks with 35+ seedlings in each flask. There is limited numbers so if you see something you want you will need to grab as we dont expect these to last long.

6 thoughts on “Orchid Flasks

  1. Robyn Kelbassa says:

    Good morning. I’m looking at orchard flasks can you email me what you have available please and there costs of them please

  2. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    Hi guys

    Can you please let me know the flasks you have and prices. I misplaced my price list you gave me when we were there last

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